Harman Kandola for Ward Sspomitapi

Harman Kandola is running for City Councillor in Ward Sspomitapi. A part of Edmonton in which he was born and raised.

Sspomitapi is one of the fastest-growing areas of the city. It is also the most diverse part of Edmonton, and a place many newcomers to Canada call home.

A family man, with three young children, Harman is a partner at the boutique law firm, SB LLP. He currently serves as Vice President Alberta for the World Sikh Organization of Canada, which is the national advocacy body for Canadian Sikhs.

He also sits as a board member on the Anti Racism Advisory Committee for the City of Edmonton, and as a Board Secretary with the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers.


Welcome to our neighbourhood.

A place that raised me as a fighter, in the courtroom, and for our people. It now shapes my young family.

Our people understand how vibrant, dynamic, and diverse the community is.

The residents here are often newcomers hustling to make a life for themselves - just like my parents, who never got a day off and persevered while fighting systemic and overt racism.

When we speak to one another here, we all share how tired we are of being misunderstood, of being felt forgotten, of not having a voice at City Hall.

When we speak to one another here, we all share how tired we are of being misunderstood, of being felt forgotten, of not having a voice at City Hall.

We want to raise our children in neighborhoods where they can grow and play in nice parks, have their identity celebrated, have a robust inclusive economy with a good job waiting for them. We want them to have a better future than ours. They deserve better.

We want to see our local front-line heroes being respected- not waiting in the rain or snow for the next bus. They deserve better.

We want to see our seniors having the chance to age in the community, stay part of our families. They deserve better.

Politicians love to talk about our neighborhoods as some distant world. They love to pit stop through these parts and “consult” us, tell us their solutions, but are we being heard? Are they actually taking the time to learn about us?

It’s easy to understand then why the residents of Sspomitapi want a fighter to stand up for them in City Hall.

It’s easy to understand then why the residents of Sspomitapi want a fighter to stand up for them in City Hall.

Someone that understands what is happening at the grassroots and will strongly articulate that in the halls of power.

They want a Councillor that can understand and stand up for the citizens here.

This is why I am running to be your city councilor for Sspomitapi.

To walk into City Hall every day and speak for the ignored and forgotten.

To champion a proud people, that succeeds against all odds.

To be your fighter and representative.


Trent Daley, Anti-Racism Advisory Council

“I have had the distinct pleasure of serving with Harman on the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee to the City of Edmonton. He is dedicated to anti-oppression frameworks and building bridges between all of the communities here in Amiskwaciwâskahikan on Treaty 6.

He is dedicated to community safety and ensuring community-led dialogues will shape the future for Inclusion and Justice in our city. Harman will be an excellent representative of Ward Sspomitapi due to his consistent drive for actions that ensure voices are heard.

In a time where so many feel voiceless, we need leadership from people like Harman who will unapologetically hold others to account on the issues that matter most.”

Stephen Mandel, Former Mayor of Edmonton

“I have had the honour of knowing Harman for several years. He is an outstanding citizen who has a great passion for Edmonton and our future. As a lawyer, he will bring a special discipline to evaluating issues, and as an involved community leader, he will understand the challenges of a changing world."

"Harman will be an effective member of council because of his work ethic and his willingness to find solutions. I can not think of a more effective person to represent the ward of Sspomitapi.”

Scott McKeen, Ward 6 Councillor

“In 2019 I was approached by Harman Kandola, who was leading his community in its human rights objection to Quebec's Bill 21 and its prohibition against civil servants wearing religious symbols.

It was a privilege to table a motion that led council to protest the bill. But I claim no credit. It was Harman's gracious, thoughtful advocacy that paved the pathway for city council.

Harman led us gently towards a greater understanding of true equality. He continues the work, without acclaim, as a member of Edmonton's Anti-Racism Advisory Committee. It's been my pleasure to get to know him.”

Jagwinder Sidhu, Principal, Headway School

“Harman’s integrity, intellect, and loyalty will make him a great leader. I remember the day when Harman’s grandfather brought him to me when Harman was in grade 4."

"He had the qualities of a leader then and continues to embody them now. Harman will accomplish great things as a councillor.”


On October 18th, demand better, vote Harman Singh Kandola for City Council.

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