Demand Better

The residents of Sspomitapi have had enough. We have been overlooked by city hall for generations. Our current leadership is unresponsive and unproductive. I have heard the call from ward residents that they demand better. I am running for city council to fulfill those demands.

Let’s work together to create the change we have been looking for. It starts with the basics: adequate services, proper road maintenance, and competitive tax rates. But the goal is bigger than that: to create a vibrant, world class city. Our ward, with its hard-working and diverse residents, should be a flagship community.

We must improve the governance of the city, but we have to work with the private sector, provincial, and federal governments to truly achieve the future that belongs to us.

There are three components to this future: 

  1. a vibrant economy 
  2. inclusion of all people, and 
  3. environmental sustainability. 

These components build on each other. When businesses succeed, they create jobs for a wide range of people and wealth that can solve environmental issues. When all people are included, there are more businesses and jobs, and more ideas for fixing the environment. When the environment is healthy, businesses can grow, and the vulnerable are protected from environmental harm. The vision is broad and the goal is ambitious: together we can make it happen. It starts with demanding better.