Demand Better for Seniors

Our seniors built our community, and they raised us to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour. As they have aged, they have become vulnerable and isolated. We must do better. The key issues facing seniors are poverty, social isolation, and elder abuse.

Seniors facing poverty need to be provided focused support. Low-income seniors should have their rent frozen--their landlords should be able to access decreased property taxes to facilitate this. There should be property tax exemptions for senior homeowners below the poverty line. We must push for the construction of more housing that is accessible for seniors. They should be able to age in place, and not in a nursing home.

We must encourage the building of more senior centres to help combat loneliness and isolation. Intergenerational programming would connect seniors with the next generation of small children--to the benefit of both groups.

Neighborhoods with high levels of seniors should be prioritized for services that help seniors with access to healthcare and social services. Transportation must be made accessible to seniors. We should create programs that help seniors learn how to use technology.

One of my first priorities will be for the city to commission a study on the impact and prevalence of elder abuse.