Demand a Better Community

No city works, and no economy works, if people can’t get around quickly and efficiently. It should be easy to walk or use a bike if you choose to. We can create those opportunities while also respecting the right to drive.

Transit needs to work better for more people. We live in a cold climate--more shelters and heated shelters are a must. There should be express options to downtown and university and more frequency during peak hours. Promoting flexible working hours will alleviate peak demand.

Traffic needs to be able to flow. There needs to be better traffic control during peak hours. Shields on construction and accident sites will minimize disruption. Merging due to lane closures must have clear signage and instructions to promote efficiency by using the zipper method.

Bike lanes keep people active, and they free up traffic as drivers of cars become riders of bikes. The limitation has always been the physical challenge of biking. The availability of e-bikes opens up possibilities for anybody to bike where they need to go.

A safe commute means freedom from dangerous drivers. We have heard from citizens that speeding and dangerous driving is out of control. Enforcement resources need to be directed to this. Noise from modified mufflers is affecting the quality of life in many communities. Noise bylaws should be enforced using noise cameras.